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Custom banners are permanent or portable, and always professional-looking. Your firm or organization can have a made-to-order banner as a wall hanging, reception area decoration or conference room fixture. You may desire a traveling logo and marketing message for conferences, events and fairs. Enjoy an individualized outdoor statement about sport teams, 5K runs, charity events or a design and use specific to your needs.

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When you hang a banner on your entrance, clients, customers and visitors know exactly where you are Running a sale or special? Get the message out. Want to support your favorite team? Get a custom banner for those little leaguers School banners for gyms and playing fields. Have one created to hang on your porch or decorate your TV room on game day. Use a banner to cover an old sign when you purchase commercial property. Create a banner to advertise leasing specials at apartment complexes.

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What materials can you have for your custom banners?
  1. Vinyl
  2. Nylon
  3. Canvas
  4. Window perforated film, or window perf

Vinyl works exceptionally well for hanging outdoors. There are varying qualities and durability; if you plan to use your customer banners for short periods of time or if you want a message that can last for five years. Our state-of-the-art digital printing methods allow excellent reproduction of your logo or design. Digital print resists fading in sun and rain.

Nylon makes the perfect custom banners because it is lightweight and durable. Outdoor nylon weights provide sturdiness. Wind basses through the nylon, increasing its life. Indoor nylon weights hang beautifully and fold conveniently. Nylon comes in pre-dyed colors, perfect for creating full color designs; they can be dyed to match your signature color as well. They come off the digital printer and can go right up at your organization or event.

Canvas or canvas duck can be utilized indoors or out. Sails used to be made of canvas. Canvas duck has been the fabric in deck shoes for sailing. In other words, it handles wet weather well and dries quickly. Canvas is a natural fiber. It creates specialized and distinctive custom banners. It fits in beautifully with nautical themes, sailing clubs, swimming pools and resort signage.

Vinyl, nylon and canvas can be sewn, for an artful finish. American and other governmental flags, in particular, benefit from the rich, “Betsy Ross” originality of sewn design.

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Window perf turns glass into custom banners
Perforated film is a vinyl window film made with small holes throughout it so you can see through the material and create see-through window graphics. This turns glass doors and windows and vehicle glass into advertising space. It’s the ultimate window dressing – delivering your message on a “blank canvas” that may have little other use. Perforated window film has a life of at least two years. A clear “overlaminate” can protect your graphic from dust, water and dirt that can collect in the perforated areas.

The importance of full color digital printing
Using digital printing for custom banners allows a giant leap in what can be designed and produced. Perhaps the most significant change is in size. Digital images can be enlarged and enhanced to fit a ten-foot long banner! The result is high-quality, high-resolution, multi-color artwork in large formats that grab attention and boldly deliver your message. The inks accompanying full color digital printing create signage that stays bright and clear for at least three years of constant outdoor use.

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