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Custom flags come in exotic-sounding designs such as burgees, appliqué, embroidered, and more. This simply means there is a made-to-order flag of any design or materials for your business, club, organization or event. Or, to fly the team colors at your home on game day!

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Ten great reasons to order yours today:
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  1. Street banners can distinguish your neighborhood and make a statement from the homeowners’ association.
  2. Outdoor custom flags range from patriotic to whimsical.
  3. School flags encourage pride in your place of education.
  4. Many graduating classes enjoy having school flags designed and made as parting gifts.
  5. Holidays are delightful times to fly religious and seasonal themes.
  6. Fraternities and sororities fly their Greek letters to show their pride and to distinguish their houses on busy campuses.
  7. Flags have so much meaning that designing and flying custom flags with your business logo or message draw attention to your location, identify you for clients and visitors, and add a touch of class and permanence to your business.
  8. Does your family have a crest? Why not use it, or create one? Flying your family signature at your home adds a quality touch to your outdoor landscape.
  9. Churches find an ecclesiastical symbol graces their flagpole and complements United States and State or Local flags.
  10. Let you imagination run wild! Why do YOU want a flag?

You have so many shapes, manufacturing methods and materials to choose from!
  • Burgees are a shape, and are a real attention-getter. You see them all time, even if you’ve never heard that term. Picture a rectangle with a triangle cut out of one end. It creates two “fins” or “tails”. Why consider a burgee? Those “fins” create more movement, and movement draws the eye.

  • You probably recognize pennants. They are elongated triangle shapes. Who didn’t see one with their high school team, or college name on it? We enjoy creating team pennants. There are as many materials as there are uses for pennants. These custom flags “flap” exceptionally well, drawing attention to their message. They bring traffic to a business, a charity car wash, or a dealership. They hang handsomely on a wall, booth or window.

  • Appliqué is a method that results in an elegant look and feel for your flag. Think of it as one layer, with your design, placed on top of a different color base banner. The two layers are then sewn or glued together. A custom flag created by appliqué lasts longer than almost any other option. It has a richness and clearly custom feel that impresses your clients and visitors. It’s a long lasting statement perfect for your logo or marketing slogan.

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  • Sewn is a method; it’s part of the appliqué process and can also refer to beautiful hand stitching or expert machine stitching of corners, edges, accents and more that make up your custom flags.

  • Embroidered custom flags are classic and create a work of art. They are perfect for indoor walls, reception areas, as artwork in a conference room or to bring along for trade shows and group meetings. Completely individualized, artfully designed and crafted, they are a crowning touch for a business or organization.

  • Screen prints are made using so-called “spot” colors; if your logo or design is multi-colored, screen printing is the ticket! One-at-a-time, your colors are passed through screening and laid onto the base material. Flags of cloth and vinyl can be screen prints. The finished product is heat-treated to ensure long-lasting color durability.

Custom flags designed and made-to-order for you
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