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Our flag shop features an astounding array of services to provide ready-to-fly flags, banners, and advertising option in stock! Custom orders can be designed and produced quickley. When you call, we are happy to let you know what’s in stock and how to get custom-made flags and banners to meet your needs. Government purchase cards are always welcome.
flag shop

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Here is a list of services available at this unique flag shop:
  • Custom flag manufacture
  • Lettering
  • Master Fabric Craftsman
  • Same Day Service
  • Full Color Digital Printing
  • Custom Screen Printing
  • Digital Imaging
  • Advertising
  • Banner and Flag Rentals
  • Custom Flagpoles
  • Flagpole Installation
  • Flagpole Service
  • Flag repair
Custom flags delight customers. Get tailor-made American flags, military flags, designs from patriotic to whimsical. Proudly fly school flags, team banners, holiday themes, neighborhood light pole banners; get expert flag manufacture and service at our flag shop.

Lettering. Many designs and advertising banners require precise lettering to match existing artwork. No problem. Lettering is a specialty at the flag store. Master fabric craftsmen at our flag shop cut, dye, appliqué, and add detailed finish to your flag. It’s not just a job; flag making has been a craft since Betsy Ross. Because there are government specifications, and corporate requirements to meet for advertising, put your trust in master fabric craftsmen.

Quick turn around. Our state-of-the-art printing, appliquéing and embroidering enable us to promise and deliver on short deadlines. You can count on us to meet your deadlines. Government purchase cards are accepted.

Full color digital printing and imaging mean virtually any flag, banner or advertising medium can be designed and produced quickley . It’s a significant contributor to reliably fast service. The result is high-quality, high-resolution, multi-color artwork in large formats that grab attention and boldly deliver your message or display your design. The inks accompanying full color digital printing create flags that stay bright and clear for outdoor use.

Advertising. Designing and flying custom flags with your business logo or message draws attention to your location, identifies you for clients and visitors, and add a touch of class and permanence to your business. You will find flag retail and wholesale service. We have branched into the exciting new advertising medium of window perf. Perforated film is a vinyl window film made with small holes throughout it so you can see through the material and create see-through window advertising. This turns glass doors and windows and vehicle glass into advertising space.

tampa flag shop
Banner and flag rentals take care of your emergencies, one-time ceremonies and parades; and special occasions. You can get “sale” messages for business; identify your business during a special occasion; apartment complexes can call attention to the property.

Flagpoles. Our full-service flag shop will make your flagpole to order – to the size and location specifications you need. Expert installation follows. We’ll service the halyards, pulleys and hardware to keep your flagpole in top shape.

Flag repair. Your investment in flags and banners, and our service to you, does not end at the sale. While the flag you buy is made to be durable and long-lasting, things happen. Your design may be past its normal life of several years. Repair sometimes trumps replacement in the budget of your group, organization, school or business.

For wholesale flag sales and retail flag trade
Call our flag shop today at 813-636-0701 to get expert customer service.


flag shop

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