Flagpole Installation

Flagpole installation does not have to be a challenging or dangerous process when you trust it to a professional flag company. From 20 to 100 feet, residential, institutional or commercial, turn to Head’s Flags for perfect, rock-solid installation. Call now.

When you want to fly your colors high – whether it’s Old Glory or your home country, your school, business logo, favorite sports team or family crest – insist on top quality and experience. Call our full service flag store and flagpole installation service. Even in the highest gale-force winds, your pole will stay 100 percent secure.

Leave It to Us
When it’s important enough to raise a flag, it is important enough to insist on professional flagpole installation. As a homeowner, business or organization, you simply want to know the basics: how to raise and lower it, keep it clean and care for it properly. You should not have to worry about securing a large metal pole, too.

flagpole installation
For more than 20 years we have been helping people throughout the area fly their colors in many different types of settings.

Many Styles
There are many different colors and types to choose from including: Aluminum – Lightweight, noncorrosive and sturdy, this popular metal comes in traditional brushed satin or powder coat finishes. An anodized aluminum pole won’t chip and never needs painting. We have many different tones and finishes available.

Steel – Stainless and painted steel can stand up to exceptionally high winds and taller heights, from 50 to well over 100 feet. Ours are engineered to stay anchored permanently with steel ground bolts and concrete, and with a finish that will last without rusting.

Professional Flagpole Installation
Call us and let’s talk about what you need. We will discuss color, height and the size of the flag you want to fly. Generally, flags should be a quarter of the height of the pole. Let us advise you. We have worked with large and small operations, homeowners, houses of worship and schools.

You may think you know what you want but experience counts in this niche business. We have saved our customers countless hours and a lot of money by thoroughly discussing the site, size and environmental requirements well beforehand. Don’t try to DIY an important installation – leave it to us!

We know where to site the pole so it will be both safe and attention-getting. You don’t want it to be anywhere near overhead power lines, roofs or trees. You want it to flap freely in an open area and command attention. And that is where we will place it.

Soil type – We will always make certain of the type of ground we will be digging in to eliminate guesswork. We check for obstructions like buried pipes and cables long before we decide where to do your flagpole installation. Soft sand and hard rock have different depth requirements for different pole heights and weights.

Wind – We also consider whether the area will be subjected to high winds. In Florida, this is always a possibility. The rule of thumb is to dig to a depth that is 10 percent of the pole’s total height.

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Flagpole Installation Basics
The pole is assembled onsite, with external or internal halyards and in a variety of thicknesses and tapering. The pole itself is commonly set inside a rust-proof underground sleeve on a thick gravel bed. Then quick-setting concrete is poured around the sleeve and must be allowed to dry completely before the pole is erected in the sleeve.

We ensure the pole is straight and anchoring is secure with the right type of gravel, cement, sheathing and bracing – whatever your particular job requires. Your message will fly proudly for all to see, straight and majestic for a lifetime when you choose us for your flagpole installation.

Excellence in Customer Service
No matter how big or small the job is, it is important to us because it is important enough to you to raise your image high. We believe a personal touch is just as important as professionalism, and will always have time to answer your questions and accommodate your requests.

Call now and tell us what you need; we’re sure you can get it or make it, whether it is a custom flag or one from our huge inventory. We can get you the symbol you want in the size you want, and then secure it into the ground for an impressive and permanent display.

We offer professional

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