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Military flags often must be made to exacting specifications of the United States government and the Armed Forces. They are a point of pride for owners, veterans and active duty service people, as well as anyone with the privilege of seeing them fly. Our craftspeople are proud to construct these meaningful flags.

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Examples of the handiwork you can get ready-made and custom-made
    military flags
  1. The appliquéd guidon
  2. Ceremonial flags
  3. Unit flags
  4. Government spec flags
  5. GSA contract flags
  6. Custom rayon embroidered flags

Service people know the guidon represents the leader of the unit, and is a source of great pride for the entire unit. You will find Army, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard guidon, made to regulations, with appliquéd design and lettering. The basic appliquéd guidon is either rectangular or has a triangle removed from “the fly side”. These military flags are known as “swallow tails”, and are designed in branch-of-service colors as required. The modern guidon is made so that letters and numerals read correctly on both sides. Some active duty and veteran service members have their unit guidon military flag framed for display.

Ceremonial flags are used particularly at military funerals and as military grave markers. The American flag is always an appropriate ceremonial flag. Ceremonial flags can also grace religious observances. As they are utilized for special occasions, they are designed with storage in mind and adhere to traditions for folding. For cemeteries and permanent memorials, ceremonial military flags can be manufactured to be durable enough for daily hoisting.

You can purchase ready-made or custom-created flags representing scores of units. A partial list includes Airborne; Screaming Eagles; First Cavalry; Seventh Infantry; Army Rangers, Marine divisions, Navy Seabees and Merchant Marine units. As always, regulations and specifications are followed to the letter. Unit military flags also grace walls, and are framed for the fireplace mantles and bookshelves of active duty and retired soldiers, sailors and marines. It is an instant identifier during parades and public ceremonies, eliciting applause from family, friends and veterans of the specific unit.

The American flag is the classic example of a flag that is not authentic unless it is produced to exacting specifications. All of the government spec flags we create adhere to regulations regarding acceptable size, proportion, use of heavy heading materials, any special stitching, weight and quality of nylon fabric, right down to the specified rolled-rim toothed grommets. They are made in the USA, as the government dictates.

military flag installation
If you are a government buyer, we are delighted to work within General Service Administration - GSA contract procedures and accepted pricing. As required, these flags and ALL OF OUR MILITARY FLAGS are made in the USA. You can contact us for GSA contract number, a list of products we proudly offer, and special customer service for our essential government customers.

CUSTOM RAYON EMBROIDERED FLAGS  Are made to the most exacting of standards from the office of Heraldry, these machine and hand-embroidered rayon flags are usually displayed in Conference room or General's Office. They are double constructed to read correctly on both sides . The most common size is the 4'4"x5'6" Ceremonial size, they are skillfully embroidered on an assortment of deep rich rayon colors. Many military flags translate to the embroidered style. All kinds, of course, are custom-made on finest-quality rayon. They are manufactured to hang wide and open on flag stands, so that the embroidery can be read. Most of the time you require only one, which is no problem.

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